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s0__w0nderful's Journal

They Make My Life So Wonderful
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Welcome to the amazing FanGirl and Icontest Community s0__w0nderful! Here you can talk about the sexiest men on earth! However, they are some guidelines to it.

The men we are looking for to compete icons against are musicians. Preferably of the 60s/70s era. Example: Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Roger Daltrey of the Who, Robert Plant, of Led Zepplin. etc etc

However we understand they are other hot guys today! Such as Jakob Dylan!

If you have any questions on this community feel free to ask n0thingisreal or come2gether, the community maintainers.

Below are the rules for the Icontest.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Keavy and I will first submit a picture of one of the four guys named above. (Daltrey, McCartney, Plant, or Dylan) Then you will be able to create a icon however you like. You can crop it, resize it, blend it, but you can only use the picture we gave you, unless other wise stated.

The winner of the first challenge will then go on to suggest a new hot muscian and post the new challenge. If they do not wish to post a challenge contact one of the mods so we can continue with the contests.

When a maintainer or a former winner, has posted a challenge entry add your submission by commenting on that post!

The standards are as a regular LJ icon. 40kb 100X100px. Your submission will be screened.

The winner's icon will also be loaded as the communities default icon for the week that it has won. Winners will also be awarded with a banner. There will only be one winner for each challenge.

To suggest a new musician to be added to the communities interest list you have to win a challenge. (regular posting and icontest posts have been getting confused and interefered and it's best to do it this way)

Any further questions feel free to e-mail me at l0nely_hearts@yahoo.com

Your Community Mod,