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They Make My Life So Wonderful
Recent Entries 
2nd-Aug-2005 03:21 pm - Winner - Challenge 5
johnny d
Congratulations to thejokerlaughs!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Your Banner is under the cutCollapse )

Now you get to pick and post the following challenge! (If you don't want to please either contact me or Keavy (come2gether).

24th-Jul-2005 12:03 am - Voting
johnny d
I little late and I apologize for that. But I haven't had much time for the computer today. :(

Challenge 5 VotingCollapse )

Most of you didn't post the URL along with the picture. Next time when entering please do so. :)


22nd-Jul-2005 04:56 pm(no subject)
johnny d
Hey! This is just a reminder to enter your icons in Ringo's extremely belated birthday challenge. You can do so here.

We currently have 4 entries! More would be fabulous! :)

I'll end the challenge tomorrow night at 10:00 EST.

It's a little late but it's my brother's graduation party tomorrow so I don't know how long I'll be able to stay online.

Go enter!

4th-Jul-2005 12:19 am - Intro
just popping in to say I'm here! I'm a Ellen, a Beatles girl (George <3) but anyways plan to see me entering contests often. I'll work on this Ringo icon asap! ciao :)
4th-Jul-2005 12:41 am(no subject)
johnny d
Because Ringo's birthday is in three days and since I won the last challenge I'm going to post a picture of him for the next challenge! :)

Challenge Picture and InfoCollapse )

Please Please post your icons! These one month icon challenges are just too long!!
28th-Jun-2005 01:07 am - Challenge #4 Winner....FINALLY
Little Mermaid // ashers_sparks
Finally after almost a month I'm finally posting the winner for Challenge #4. I've been quite busy and lazy, which is one reason the winner has not been posted. But finally here it is!

And the winner is....*drumroll* n0thingisreal!

As the winner you now get to pick the next challenge, but I'm sure you knew that ^_^
19th-Jun-2005 04:26 pm - Challenge #4 Voting
Little Mermaid // ashers_sparks
Ok so it's quite past the voting deadline but I got lazy. Right now there is a tie for the winner. So if you haven't voted please do so.

Challenge #4 Voting.
10th-Jun-2005 10:17 am - Challenge #4 Voting reminder
Little Mermaid // ashers_sparks
If you haven't yet, please vote for challenge #4.

Challenge #4 Voting
7th-Jun-2005 11:50 am - Challenge #4 voting
Little Mermaid // ashers_sparks
I figure three entries is enough to vote, since that seems to be the amount per usual.

So vote for ONE icon.

VoteCollapse )

Voting ends Sunday.
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